Historic Copper Mine

Difficulty rating: Easy to Moderate

Distance: 67km/Blinman, 77km/Parachilna,

This track connects 3 historic copper mines, Sliding Rock, Nuccaleena and Blinman mine.

This is a one way track that follows the old road that once connected Sliding Rock town with Blinman in the 1870’s.

During this period Sliding Rock had a weekly mail coach connection to Adelaide. A short leg off the main track also leads to Nuccaleena mine. The track starts at Sliding Rock and passes into Moorillah Station then roughly follows the boundary fence of Warraweena and Moorillah into Glasses Gate with Panoramic views over Lake Torrens to Mount Samuel, the ABC Range and Wilpena Pound.

The track is a alternative route from Warraweena Conservation Park to Blinman and Parachilna. However if you are staying at Blinman, Angorichina Village or Parachilna and wish to experience the Copper Track just ahead to Warraweena via Beltana to pick up the key and track information. This track offers great views, a historic setting and a chance to experience a diverse range of flora, fauna and landscapes.

This drive was established in partnership with the Steiner’s at Warraweena Conservation Park.

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