Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is a short ridge top drive not far from the Moolooloo shearing shed. From the homestead head out past the shearing shed and follow the track through the gate and follow the signs directing you up the hill to Sunset Boulevard. This is a lovely walk or a nice short 4WD with stunning views of the range surrounding the Moolooloo homestead. Allow 1 hour to walk (4 kms) or drive up with your drinks  and nibbles at sunset for some spectacular photo opportunities.

Knob Hill Lookout

Knob Hill Lookout is a great spot to admire the surrounding ranges and is only a short drive from the Moolooloo homestead. Follow the public access road out past the homestead to the north-east  and you will see a track marked Knob Hill Look out going off to the right. The track is approximately 4 kms from the homestead. There is a gate  on the public access road 3 kms from the homestead that you will need to go through on the way. Please leave it as you found it.